iGO 8 PNA June version

Tutorial By: JungleJim

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Software made by NavNGo. Official Nav N Go website


  • iGO8.exe (not here, copyright)
  • licence.lic file (not here, copyright)
  • iGO maps (not here, copyright)
  • Speed Cams
  • AEKMapScan finds key codes for keybind.txt


  1. Copy the the iGO8 folder [iGO8] to the Navman's storage card.
  2. licence.lic goes in [\Storage Card\iGO8\license].
  3. The basemap and local map files go in the content/map folder [\Storage Card\iGO8\content\map]
  4. We can not show you how to obtain the iGO8.exe file because of this site's Terms Of Service. It is not difficult. Try your favorite search engine for more information. iGO8.exe should be in the [\Storage Card\iGO8\] folder.

Remapping the Keycodes

Use AEKMapScan on the Navman to find the hexadecimal keycodes that are generated by the Navman's external buttons. If your device does not have external buttons, this stage can be ignored. iGO recognizes hexadecimal values that start with a letter A B C D E or F automatically. So C1 is recognized as a hexadecimal value C1. Hexadecimal values starting with a proper number (0 through 9) must be preceded with an 'x'. So x76 would be recognized as the hexadecimal value 76. 76 without the x is recognized only as a decimal number and will therefore not match to your buttons if used.

Once the proper keycodes are known, you can update the keybind.txt file inside the data.zip file. Navman uses keycodes under the [default] heading. Below are the keycode entries for my iCN520. Codes generated by your Navman buttons may differ to this, or you may wish to remap different functions to your external buttons.

Adding Speed Cameras

Updating the speed camera database usually adds an extra 30 seconds to the first boot run. Depending on the size of the file, this process can take as long as 6 minutes. Subsequent loading times will return to normal once the database is updated. Updating is simple. Just copy speedcam.txt to the speedcam folder at [iGO8/content/speedcam].

Default Sys.txt

You can alter many core features within iGO from the sys.txt file. Here are the default entries within the sys.txt file that work with the Navman.
;app="Internal Storage/iGO8"
Widescreen Navman sys.txt 480x272

Commands allowed in Sys.txt see here:

Navman's 'Phone Dialing' in iGO.

The Navman phone software can be used with igo8. Tutorial and files link.


  • Versions of the iGO8 software released after September 2008 require newer map and license files.
  • Menu animation my cause a crash. Disable animation from the Menu settings.
  • When you power off the Navman whilst iGO is running, and then try to power on sometime later, the Navman may display a black screen. To prevent this occuring, only power off iGO whilst the Navman displays iGOs 3D map screen. Do not power off iGO from a menu screen.
  • We cannot instruct you fully on how to install the PNA version of iGO on the Navman, since showing you how to obtain iGO8.exe would violate the Wikispace TOS. I'm sure you all know how to use a search engine by now though. Once you have [IGO8] on your storage card and copied iGO8.exe to the iGO folder, follow the installation instructions above to make it run on the Navman.

Video: How to edit keybind.txt