Tomtom Navigator (PNA version)

Installation guide for the Navman

Tomtom 7 (Newer Navman with WinCE 5)
Tomtom 7 (Navman F10)
TomTom 7 WinCE4.2 (working on iCN520) (Trabaja con S50)

Tomtom 6.02
Navman's aerial setting in Tomtom

Tomtom 6.03 (no solution for navman yet)
Modding TomTom 6 startup 'Splash' screen


Latest maps to work on Tomtom V7 are (ie. Tomtom v7.910.9185 works fine with Western_and_Central_Europe_2GB_830.2306)
Use the PDA maps. PNA maps are for official Tomtom PNA hardware only.