Mio Map 3 PNA version (Nav-n-Go)

Tutorial By: JungleJim

Last Edited: JungleJim (Aug 27, 2008 2:41 pm)

Mio Map is a navigation system optimized for in-car use. It provides door-to-door navigation for both single and multi-point routes using adaptable route parameters.Mio Map is capable of planning routes throughout the whole map region installed on the memory card. Unlike some other products. MioMap does not require that you change maps or switch to a poorly detailed general map to navigate between map segments or countries.



  1. Copy the the MioMap folder [MioMap] to the Navman's storage card [\Storage Card\Program Files\MioMap].
  2. Put the licence.db on the Navman [\Storage Card\Program Files\MioMap].
  3. Copy the base map and a local map to the Navman [\Storage Card\Program Files\MioMap\maps].
  4. Copy the SYS.TXT file from the Miomap_3.x_Navman_Support.zip into the MioMap folder [\Storage Card\Program Files\MioMap].
  5. Create the folder "skin" below the MioMap folder on the Navman [\Storage Card\Program Files\MioMap\skin].
  6. Copy the Skin\Navman.zip from the Miomap_3.x_Navman_Support.zip into this folder.

Unsolved problems

  • Power saving doesn't work.


  • The Mio Map PNA works on the Navman only. The Mio Map PDA version wont run on a Navman.
  • Modding Mio startup 'Splash' screen
  • We cannot instruct you fully on how to install the PNA version of Miomap on the Navman, since showing you how to obtain Miomap.exe would violate the Wikispace TOS. I'm sure you all know how to use a search engine by now though. Once you have installed Miomap on your storage card and copied Miomap.exe to the Miomap folder, follow the installation instructions above to make it run on the Navman.